Equipe de Direction



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Romain Girbal

Chairman, Director and Shareholder

Romain knows Guinea very well for having lived more than 6 years. After studying law in France and Spain, he graduated from HEC Paris. He then went to work for 5 years in London. He began working in structured finance for Glencore UK Ltd in West Africa and Latin America, and was appointed Legal Director of Harvest Energy Ltd until his departure for Guinea in 2012.

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Thibault Launay

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Director and Shareholder

He lived in Guinea full time between 2012 and 2014 where he developed expertise in the Guinean mining sector, including bauxite. Previously, he worked in London at ICAP Stock Exchange, in charge of the initial public offering of Junior Mining companies. Thibault holds a Master’s Degree in wealth management from Paris Dauphine University.

Philippe Kister

Philippe Kister

Operational Manager
Professional geologist with 11 years experience in the mining industry, including exploration and technical and economic evaluation of metallic deposits.

Moussa Thiam

Moussa Thiam

Community and Environmental Manager
Consultant at SGS for bauxite projects, research assistant at Rio Tinto, and environmental educator at Jane Goodall Institute / CPSC.

Sonny Doumbouya

Sonny Doumbouya

External Relations Officer
After a long journey in Asia where he proved his worth with the Indonesian company P.T Aviation NATCO and previously with the Malaysian construction company KP SYNERGIES, in 2016, he returns to his native Guinea.Sonny Doumbouya is a specialist in public relations and negotiations. He speaks and understands five languages including French, English, Italian, Indonesian and Malaysian.