Nos Partenaires


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is a company made of several specialists and experts of the Bauxite and Alumina Business. Most of the network members are coming from large global companies like Pechiney, Alcan or Rio Tinto. Hence they were key players in the development of the new alumina Industry in China, India and Africa. They also contributed to growth and optimisation in Latin, America, Australia and Europe.

Their outstanding experience perfectly fits the current needs of the business:  reliable and flexible services for operations and projects. The team is made of twelve senior specialists and its services add value to operations and projects.

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Arethuse Geology

Company providing exploration services from strategic resource estimates to the campaigns: turnkey projects, management of exploration, prompt technical support, and education. With a strong African experience, ARETHUSE geologists have a multicultural approach allowing them to set up and manage local teams with a constant concern to optimize the exploration project worldwide.

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French family Group engaged in maritime  transportation and services and founded more than 160 years ago. Able to offer its dry bulk chain customers a full range of services, LDA is a leading global player in transport and logistics.

It is our preferred partner for logistics, transport and export of ore. Edouard Louis-Dreyfus, Chairman of Louis Dreyfus ARMATEURS is also a member our of our board.



Public Establishment for Industrial and Commercial development founded in 2007, to serve the public and private operators and share the knowledge capital and the expertise of a team of Guinean and French scientists, academics and engineers that have acquired unique experience in the field of studies, mapping, remote sensing and geographic information systems in Guinea.