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Alliance Minière Responsable is an independent French company whose goal is to develop mining projects in Africa with respect for the environment and local communities. The company was created by shareholders with complementary skills experienced in mining, road transport and maritime transport. It also benefits from the expertise of numerous technical partners including AMBER DEVELOPMENT, experts in bauxite and alumina. Alliance Minière Responsable has a research permit of 295 km2 in the prefecture of Boké, Guinea. The geological potential is estimated at 400 million tons of resource bauxite at an average quality between 43% and 46.6% alumina and less than 3% silica.

AMR’s plan on this permit is to highlight Bauxite resources and undertake the studies necessary for the development of a viable exploitation project. AMR is committed to developing the project in accordance with internationally recognized best technical practices, including the Australian JORC standard.

In addition to the quality of its ore, AMR’s exploration license has major logistical advantages, linked to its proximity to a waterway and to an existing railway infrastructure. Thus, two options for the export of bauxite are offered:

– By rail using the ANAIM line crossing the site

– By river using the existing port of the Sino Guinean WAP consortium

Current feasibility studies will determine the best option for export and determine the mining plan.