Our Values

Nos Valeurs

Alliance Minière Responsable Is the only French mining company operating in the Republic of Guinea. The bauxite project developed by the company is located in the western part of the country, in the prefecture of Boké It covers the Kolaboui Subprefectures of, and Malapouya Tanéné and the Urban Commune of Boke.

Alliance Minière Responsable Makes its “responsible” dimension a priority and is committed to developing its activities with respect for the environment and local populations.

To sustain its activities, a skilled and experienced team is deployed in the field in order to identify the needs, concerns of the people and take into account all the environmental and social issues. The company pays particular attention to social and environmental impact studies in order to optimize the sustainable positive spin-offs for the territory and to develop the project without harming the local populations. AMR works with all stakeholders involved in the development of the communities concerned. In this context the company will recruit a maximum of Guinea, to maximize local procurement of goods and services and to develop local training to encourage skills development in the region.

AMR recruited Moussa Thiam in October 2015 as Community and Environmental Manager for his experience on the field. The company started the first part of the environmental and social studies with the ONRG (National Observatory of the Republic of Guinea) in October 2015.

Respecting the rights and laws of the Guinean State, the company adheres to an anti-corruption policy and makes it a point of honor to comply with the obligations of the mining code and to work in full transparency with the local authorities.

Alliance Minière Responsable paid in September 2015 the annual mining taxes and royalties by inviting the Mayors of Boké, Tanéné, Kolaboui and Lalapouya, as well as numerous representatives of the Governorate, the Prefecture and of the civil society. Thus, the company complies with the obligations of the mining code and works in full transparency with the local authorities.


Approche Locale


Sécurité Environnementale


Respect des Lois & Ethique

Alliance Minière Responsable

considers that responsible management of the environment, human resources and respect for local cultures are integral parts of its values.

To achieve this goal, Alliance Minière Responsable has:

  • Identified and improve social and environmental standards in line with stakeholder expectations
  • Implemented and maintained a system of management, monitoring and evaluation of the impact of its activities in order to identify, evaluate and control the possible environmental and social risks of its activities
  • Incorporated environmental and social considerations into all aspects of activities including exploration, project development, operation, investment choices and mine closure
  • Chosen the people with the best qualifications and capacities to identify and monitor the potential and real impacts of activities and ensure that they are able to carry out their duty in accordance with the company’s policy
  • Initiated an assessment and monitoring program and implemented recommendations to improve the environmental and social conditions
  • Consulted the populations about their concerns, aspirations and values regarding the development and the operational aspects of the mining project, recognizing that there are links between economy, social and cultural problems
  • We are committed to communicate clearly and openly on environmental risks, incidents or emergencies
  • Comply strictly with the legal and regulatory requirements in force at national and international level